17 June 2008

New Grandson, Jaime Jorge, Violinist and Leah's 21st BD

What a month. New grand baby boy, Tripp Morgan Jones, born May 22, 7.9 pounds and 19 inches, all doing well. I stayed a month to help as I could and returned last Wednesday.

Guest violinist, Jaime Jorge arrived on Thursday after me for a 10 day tour of Ukrainian churches. He really is an evangelist because he speaks testimony between playing his wonderful melodies. If you ever get the chance to hear him (he flies all over the world) it will be worth your time.

Then Saturday we had Leah's (our youngest daughter) 21st birthday. That was a party with special friends. She even had the happy birthday song played for her on violin.

Please pray for Jeff, Leah and Jaime as they pursue their Ukraine tour through many western Ukraine churches. Pray for their safety on the road, of course, but also that they would touch many hearts with the gospel message. As for me, I'm enjoying the peace and quiet of home, garden and my own bed. God bless you.

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