18 June 2008


Please pray for a new missionary, Bro. Sergey Skripnik, who has begun a church planting ministry in the Ternopol district, Ukraine's most unreached oblast.
Pray for the All-Ages Sunday School program in Ukraine, that God will continue to give the Baptist pastors here a vision for providing all their members with sound Bible teaching.

Jaime Jorge, the concert violinist and evangelist will be holding evangelism concerts in Ukrainian district capitals from June 15 through 22. Pray also for the Ukrainian churches to reach out to many lost people who will come to the concerts and hear the precious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Pray also for Bro. Jeff's preparation to train Armenian church planters and hold a Bible conference for Iranians next month (July). Please pray for the preparation for the English camps in July, in which Dan, Cindy and their son John Williams of Antioch Baptist Church in Conway, Arkansas will participate. Please pray for safety for all our travels.

Please pray for our new grandson, Tripp, who was born in May to our daughter Sarah in Conway, Arkansas.

Many blessings,
Bro. Jeff

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