15 February 2009

Kiev Accident - September 2008

On September 19th, 2008 a church excursion of 11 years old children went into Kyiv. Three of those children where hit by a car (the same driver). One, Vica was not badly hurt and released after an overnight stay for observation. Pasha had a badly broken leg and is now also fine. Andre, the worst hurt had brain injury and was in a coma for some time. We are pleased to share with you that Andre returned to church two weeks ago for the first time. He continues to need your prayers as he still experiences short term memory loss which could have devastating effects on his education, but we are glad he is with us. We praise God for those of you who have contributed to the medical expenses of these children. This will go through the church here and be a great encouragement to the families that most need it.

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