09 February 2009

Prayer Issues, Our Activities

Please pray for the prison ministry team that we have formed and for our meetings this month with officials in the Ukrainian Department of Corrections. Please pray that Col Subotenko, who is in charge of social and religious work, will be open to our vision for ministry and also will be disposed to give us the necessary passes and permissions to work in the prisons.

The All-ages Sunday school literature ministry is facing many challenges. Please pray that God will move more pastors in Ukraine to entrust teaching of God's word to gifted members of their congregations. Currently 800 churches are using the literature, but many of them not effectively. Pray for the 20 coordinators who are introducing the literature to the churches. Pray also for the team of writers and editors, that they will be able to make their deadlines, and that the Lord will bless the department for the needed funding for printing.

Please pray for the three Bible conferences in 2009 which we have planned for Iranians from the underground churches. Those who come may face persecution both before leaving Iran and after returning. Five of our former students are now in prison, and I would ask you to remember them and their families. I can't give you their names here, but the Lord knows them.

Coleen is serving in Sunday school ministry and is also leading faith scrapbooking classes as a means of witnessing to family and friends. Pray that the Lord's hand will be on those who attend and will bless their witness to their families, causing many to be saved.

Our daughter Leah is working in Coleen's craft ministry as well, and is very busy with the Samaritan's Purse ministry in Ukraine, working sometimes until late in the evening. The shipping containers have to be cleared through customs, and every box given to children needs to be accounted. She has to get the information to customs officials and also coordinate ministry with many churches. Leah, at 21, is also at a crossroads in life and needs direction and grace in continuing her education.

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