22 April 2010

Crawling Out From Under A Rock

Spring is finally in full swing here in Ukraine. I laughed when I saw these daffodils struggling to emerge from around this rock. I laid the rock walk last summer long after the daffodils were gone and obviously forgot they'd been there. Still, I marvel at the tenacity of things God creates. How much more should we be tenacious and enduring when obstacles confront us. I would say these flowers were certainly moving along in faith that they would find the sunlight....and they did. I'm so glad.


  1. Daffodils are resilient flowers! Ours came up in early March. I actually drove to a couple of old "ghost towns" nearby and dug up some beautiful long forgotten daffodils and planted them at my house.

  2. Great little reminder... Amazing how flowers and even ants can teach us so much that we sometimes lack in our own lives!


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