24 April 2010

Spring In Ukraine

I'll bet you wonder what this is. Spring in all it's wonder is unfurling literally before our eyes. Some things you can see the changes even hourly. This interesting critter is rhubarb. When I was a little girl my grandmother grew rhubarb in her suburban yard outside of Chicago. She would make a sweet/sour sauce with it that my dad just loved. Now here I am, probably close to the age I remember her and I'm growing rhubarb in my Kiev suburban yard. It is so interesting when I think back at the influence she was in many areas of my life. I pray as a mother and grandmother that I too can have a good influence on those around me. Do you ever think about that? She's been gone for decades and yet she still influences my life. What a responsibility we have for the generations that follow. I think I'll make rhubarb pie this summer.


  1. Beautifully written.

    I have often thought about the impact one person can have on your life. One small comment, even from a stranger, can have such an affect on a person. You never know whose life you have changed just by living yours.

    APlusAmigurumi from swap-bot following your blog

  2. Hi Brittany, nice to cross paths again. I agree, we never know how our actions might influence another. It's something I stay quite conscious of...I want to be an influence for good and for joy.

  3. My Father loved that vegetable, but I was always leary of it since it is toxic fresh. I wonder how long you have to boil it, and why can't you save the juices, but they are the toxic part...Still, I enjoy it with strawberries since they take out the very bitter taste and leave only the interesting part! Thanks for showing me. It's been a long time since I saw it growing.


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