16 April 2011


As we have been traveling the states visiting churches on our missionary furlough (almost 10,000 miles this trip) we have been asked this question. When will you retire or where will you retire? I mean, no one asked such questions 10 years ago. It's an interesting question and one which we know not the answer. I can suppose this comes up because we must be starting to look like those seniors who order breakfast at Denny's. I guess living overseas makes it hard to keep remembering to ask for the discount. I know it is not my memory. Anyway, even though this topic crosses our thoughts and conversations at times, God has given us no indication that it is time for such ideas. And until he does, we will continue to do His will in what he's called us to in the former Soviet Union and beyond. Do we miss our grandkids, our kids, our culture, our friends? Yes, sometimes we do, but God gives the grace and for that we are thankful.


  1. Hi again! I watched the video yesterday, but didn't see your post until now. I remember Joyce Meyer once saying that until God tells you to do something else, you keep doing the last thing He told you. Blessings!

  2. That's my take on it too Patti. Until we hear otherwise, this is what we are doing.


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