28 April 2011

BMMI Team in Ukraine

Please pray for the Baptist Medical Mission International as they minister medicine and the gospel message in Ukraine this week and through Monday. They are working in the town of Babyntsi and other surrounding villages that are located northwest of Kiev. The first day, yesterday, they worked in a hospital in the morning and at the House of Prayer in Babyntsi for the afternoon. Today they were in Babyntsi in the morning and the village of Budababyntsi this afternoon and evening. They will continue with clinic Friday, Saturday and again on Monday. Tuesday we will show them some of the sites of Kiev. Please pray.


  1. Thank you for sharing the information, will pray

  2. Hi Coleen, isn't Babyntsi close to our village? north of the highway? If so, there was an Ukrainian couple that lived there that did puppets ... they came to our home every week and did the kids program with the Gypsies ... wonderful to know the village is being blessed

  3. Thanks Patti and yes, Sherry, it is the same village and I know the folks you are talking about. They came to our church for a while.


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