13 July 2011


Though I wasn't actually able to participate in this camp last week, I did prepare crafts for the five days. This is just one of them utilizing a little balloony character sent by a friend in Texas. Sometimes people send things and I don't know what I'm going to do with them, but then after a while I figure out. This was one of those. On all the crafts they go home with Bible verse so there is the witness that continues.

Thank you Francene, Becky and the ladies at First Baptist of Carthage, Texas for all your help. I couldn't do this ministry without the loving sacrifice of the saints in America.


  1. Heheh he looks like a happy snowman! Such a good project!

    Marina (merreena - swap-bot)

  2. What a sweet little decoration, I love that you used puzzle pieces, I have loads of random lost pieces I should use them!
    arkaya ~ swapbot


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