13 July 2011


Twelve year old Veronica (who fell 3 stories on May 1 severing her spine) has been accepted by the spine treatment center in Kiev and she went through her first day of therapy today. This is a great blessing, but we have heard the treatment will last several months and be expensive. We are trusting God for everything! Thank you all for praying for her! She wasn't her usual cheery self yesterday when we visited.

In this photo she was visited last week by Cindy Williams of Antioch Baptist Church in Conway, Arkansas. Cindy was here with her husband Dan to participate in an English camp in Crimea (south Ukraine on the Black Sea). Veronica has been making scrapbooks of pretty pictures and the cards and postcards she has received since her accident. She's sharing it here with Cindy. Thank you to those of you who have sent cards, stickers and craft goodies. What a blessing that has been for her.


  1. Thanks for the update on Veronica. Will you still be able to visit her? How would one go about sending something to her? Is it best to send it to you?

  2. Hi Patti,

    Yes, I can visit her in the city and will. You can send to me and I"ll get it to her. Bless your heart.

    Veronica c/o C. Franks
    8a Pushkinska
    Bucha, Kyiv ob. 08293

  3. So glad to get an update on Veronica. I imagine that the therapy hurts, as most therapies do. That's probably why she wasn't her usual cheery self. She's in my prayers.

  4. It's so good to see Veronica. She remains in my prayers.


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