20 August 2012


 Not long ago my husband Jeff and I did something we so rarely do.  We took a full day off and away from home.  We went to the botanical gardens in Kyiv (Kiev) where we'd been once in spring and once too many years ago.  In the spring there was a wonderful sculpture art exhibition.  It wasn't wonderful because I loved the art so much as I was so happy to see something like this going on.  There were so many people walking around the park and enjoying the pieces.  The botanical garden in Kyiv (one of two) is very big with a lake and many different kinds of gardens.  It's too big to explore in one day.
 Looking at the city across the river from the gardens to part of the city in the distance.
 This church is on the edge of the park. They had a beautiful garden on their grounds as well.
My sweetie, Jeff, doing his thing.  He loves photography and diligently studies it for a hobby.  See his Facebook page for lots of beautiful pics:  Jeff Franks Ukraine, to find him.
One of the sculptures.  Rather Stalinesk, but interesting to see how people's minds work.  You can see there are hills in the park too.  Come visit and we'll take you there.

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  1. The Gardens are so beautiful I wish I could have gone there (:

    Following both blogs now


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