24 August 2012


 Pavel (Paul) and Tanya Gerashenko are Ukrainian friends of ours who became missionaries and are now living in Russia working in an enclave of Turkish (Muslim) people.  Below is Tanya's letter.
 She has started a children's club. I"m sending her craft materials to work with the kids.  So happy to be a part in helping this mission effort get started.  Please pray for them and their 3 boys.  The littlest is there at the table.
Hi sister!
I want to share that today was the first day of the home club for the girls, there were five girls. We have made ​​some very interesting crafts: jewelery made ​​from beads and a rose and candy. I bought gifts for all the colored balls are in the waters swell and become big beautiful balls, and we were talking about a rainbow and how it all started. Noah and God's promise. They first heard the story of Noah. Of course, thank you for some of the parcels, they are very helpful for the club (do crafts). And if you still want to tell you that it for this ministry, I would be very grateful, as there is still a need. Also, please send ideas. I want to carry out twice a week for girls, and twice for the boys. Therefore, ideas and different ornamental material very much needed.
Thank you for your prayers and support.
With love your sister Tanya.
Sending photos.

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