07 March 2008


Yesterday the Lord blessed Jeff and I so much with a trip to Simferopol to be with a young woman named Alina. She has been bed bound for 5 years with a bone condition that has her bones slowly disintegrating. It is a very sad situation, but at age 15, if you saw her countenance, you would have no idea there was any problem. That is the power of the Lord in one's life and the joy he can bring. I brought my beads and we made necklaces and bracelets with all the family members. Well, Jeff and Pastor Bob didn't want to make any, poor sports. There was a joyful spirit and lots of Russian conversation. We finished our time with tea and cookies before we said our good-byes along with promises to come again. Please pray for this lovely young lady.

Afterwords we had a nice dinner out with Bob and Judy. We discussed ideas of doing a seminar to train church workers in using crafts for evangelism, plus doing a Faith Scrapbook for the ladies when we return in late April.

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