21 March 2008

Back in Bucha

We have returned to the north of Ukraine. It is always good to be back in your own bed, though part of us didn't want to leave the Crimea where we long ago started a work. It was good to be in churches there and see the work they are doing.

Our director Jerry Kidd is now here so we will have a nice time of fellowship with him and the opportunity to discuss current mission work and future possibilities. Today he met a new missionary couple who will be BMA missionaries to an area in western Ukraine where there are no churches. A couple of Sunday school classes at First Baptist Church of Carthage, Texas have made this possible with support that will allow this couple to move and start a work in that region. We are so grateful to see God's moving in providing for this need. It was only a couple months ago the opportunity/need was presented to us and then almost immediately the Lord raised up a sponsor to send this young couple.

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