10 March 2008

International Women's Day, March 8th

This is a holiday recognized all over Europe. Women are honored by husbands, children and friends. It is similar to our Mother's Day, but includes all women.

Simferopol Baptist Church was having a Women's Day banquet so I invited Tanya along with her 9 year old daughter, Anastasia. There was a good message of God's grace that I was happy for Tanya to hear. Even little Anastasia was very attentive.

The next day we went to the little church in Nikolaevka that meets in the old Soviet cultural center. Jeff and the pastor preached. I took some kid's prizes to give to the children's workers. Thank you to those who send beads and old jewelry. The woman was very pleased to receive the bracelets, key rings, frig magnets and doodads I made.

Sunday afternoon I invited Tanya, Anastasia and now, Tanya's son Maxim, to come to church at 2 p.m. in Simferopol, which all agreed. We even got to sing the song we sang for Women's Day in front of the whole church. What fun. We have witnessed to this family for a long time and ask your prayers for them. Our hope is that they will continue to attend this church after we are gone.

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