31 October 2013


The beauty of western Ukraine shines through in this lovely country shot.  From a distance this could be any where in America or even the world.  I look at something like this and I think....why did God send us here?  It's one of those questions that lingers without an answer, but is part of a bigger plan than I can see and it's his plan.  Several people here have asked us lately if we are leaving to go back to America?  This question always surprises me, but gossip tends to fly around at high speed.  Just like the question of why Ukraine, there is no answer as to when we leave here or even "if" we leave.  Family asks this question every time we return home to the states.  Therefore it is something we've thrown around and discussed.  What we have come down to is this.  We don't know.  When God tells us our time is done then we'll know.  And he'll have to make it quite clear.  As far as we are concerned, until we get clear direction, we are here.  We are at His bidding and if he says we go, then we go.  Where?  He'll tell us that as well.  In the meantime, as God brings us to mind please pray for us that we would be faithful in what He has entrusted.  And for safety.  Know that we pray for you too and we so appreciate everyone who helps with ministry here.  God's blessings abundant to you.

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