11 October 2013


I used to think that in heaven we would be "beyond time" because of the wording of one

verse in the KJV "that there should be time no longer" (Rev 10:6). However, many

years ago I heard a sermon based solely on this phrase, wherein the preacher, having

meditated at length, concluded that the absence of time demanded the absence of

everything linear. Since thoughts are linear, so is all communication, and so is all

movement. His heretical conclusion was that all prayer, all songs, all worship, and all

fellowship will end as our souls will know only joy in perfect unity with the Godhead.

Since I knew many depictions of heaven in the Bible where people praise, worship,

communicate, hold their silence for half an hour, etc., I knew he was wrong. I

discovered that the phrase in Rev 10:6 could legitimately be translated "there will be no

more delay" as in the NKJV, the ISV, the ESV, and many other translations.

Surely one day our eyes will be opened to other dimensions of which we know nothing

now except by faith. But faith, like a true portal to the "great beyond", comes by hearing

and hearing by the Word of God, which shows us not only joy and bliss, but also great

activity in praise, worship, feasting, and servanthood all of which is linear in nature.

When Christ appeared to the disciples in his risen body he spoke and ate with them in

the humblest way, giving us joy and hope that heaven will not mean the loss of time

(blending with godhead), but rather the full enjoyment of it as redeemed souls with real

risen bodies.


  1. I so believe this too! Why would Heaven have no time or Worship or Praising God's Promise's are all of this...and yes we are all The Body of Christ together in Worship here and in Eternity..Amen...This is beautiful have a wonderful weekend Coleen and Frank....and God Bless you and your families...Amen..

  2. I truly believe this too God created us for Discipleship, Worship, Singing Praises to Him and for Joy and Love...and communion together. Why would he stop all this once we get to Heaven...What He will stop is the illnesses, pain and all the dark things we face and fight against on Earth His Earth...I so agree with you and your interpretation His Promises are TRUTH..Amen..Have a blessed weekend Coleen and Frank and God Bless you and your families..


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