28 October 2013


 I'm a bit behind in blogging, but this is one of the classes from September.  Crafting are L-R, Lyuda, Ericka, Liza (back right) and Valentina.
 Each Saturday we do a craft that they can include in their altered books.  Here Ericka was feeling the part of Indian princess with her new feathers in her hair.
 We also did "Twinchies."  Twinchies are mini pieces of art on 2x2" pieces of paper.  Perfect for including in a book.

I have to say that I love teaching and have come to just love these girls.  This class is being done in English (not my usual class) and came about as a result of our English camp this past summer.  It really is another form of small group ministry but simply around the form of arts and crafts.  My thanks go out to all who have sent supplies to serve this ministry.  It is a blessing.


  1. Ladies! Your art is awesome!! I love that you use the embellishments! Keep up the creativity!

  2. Jackie, thanks so much for stopping by and thank you for following this blog. It is an honor for us.


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