09 August 2008

Georgia Declares War Against Russia Today

This morning I spoke to Jeff as they were on their way to Tbilisi, the capital to see about flights out. On the European news it already said there were no European flights leaving Tbilisi except to Ukraine and Turkey. Therefore they have rented a van to drive them to Yerevan, Armenia where they can fly from. In the meantime, Georgia's parliment this morning declared war against Russia. The town of Gori (Stalin's birthplace) where the team was yesterday suffered bombing overnight and is now the front as it is close to South Ossetia (S.O.). The South Ossetian Republic is in the north of Georgia bordering Russia on it's north side. Gori is just south of the S.O. border. S.O. is a breakaway republic wanting their independence from Georgia because they are strongly Russian, yet they have always been part of Georgia.

This afternoon Jeff informed me that they have hired a van driver to take them to Yerevan, the capital of Armenia and closest place they could fly from. He said there are a lot of rumors about which roads are open and which bridges have been bombed. Russia is now bombing strategic spots around the country. According to BBC, government officials are evacuating Tbilisi. Pray for the team's safety as they travel.

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