08 August 2008

On the Verge of War in Georgia

Jeff and the BMMI medical team left the conflict zone today. Tomorrow they will get up early and drive three hours to Tblisi, the capital to see if they can get flights. They are for certain sending out the women tomorrow, but possibly they might all be leaving if they can get flights. If they cannot get flights they will take a bus to Yerevan, Armenia and fly from there.

European News has reported 1400 deaths overnight in South Ossetia which is a breakaway Georgian republic where many Russian people live. Russia has claimed the perpetrators will not go unpunished. The Georgian president has ordered full mobilization but they are a small force against Russia. This certainly is a time for prayer.

They have no internet and much communication is down, but because Jeff bought a local Georgian phone chip we can call each other. Tonight they are without water where they are and it is very hot. Please pray that they will make wise decisions and that they will be safe.

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