22 August 2008

We Covet Your Prayers

Please pray that the Lord will lead our BMA churches in responding to the needs of our brothers and sisters in the country of Georgia. Specifically lift up Bro. Anatoly Krivov who ministers in the province of S. Ossetia. The churches he serves are in the town of Tskhinvali and the Georgian and Ossetian villages which surround it. These towns and villages have been devastated by the recent conflict. There have been great losses of life and property. In addition please pray for the Baptist church in Gori, Georgia and it's pastor, Bro. Vissarion, who has been successful in church planting in this area. This town has been occupied by Russian troops. The well-being of church members and their property is in question.

Pray for Coleen as she continues to hold "faith-booking" classes in churches and camps of Ukraine. Faith-booking is a means of documenting one's faith which can be a powerful witness to relatives and friends. Since Ukrainians always pull out the photo album for guests, Christians here can pull out their faith-book.

Bro. Justin Owens and I have planned a trip to Tallinn, Estonia from October 10 through 17. Please pray that God will prepare the hearts of those with whom we will meet. Bro. Justin is following the Lord in responding to a special burden God has given him for this country, where there are very few Baptist churches. Please also remember Crystal Owens that she and the baby she is carrying will be healthy and blessed during Justin's absence next month.

Bro. Charles Speer and I will be working with Ukrainian national missionary Bro. Pavel Pochapsky from September 18 through 24. Please pray that God will lead us in accomplishing his vision of planting 62 churches in the 62 villages of his region. In addition we have trained many men for work in the prisons of his province. Please pray that we will be able to begin a Bible training program this fall in several prisons. We ask you to join us in prayer that this will spread to many other Ukrainian provinces.

At the end of September I will be traveling again to teach the second installment of Romans to our friends from the underground churches of Iran. Please pray for my thorough preparation in advance, and that I will be sensitive to God's unique plan for this conference and it's participants. Jeff

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