10 August 2008

Georgian Conflict

Jeff and the BMMI team attended church services today in Yerevan, Armenia. All is well with them. They feel like they got out of Georgia just in time. Tomorrow they will be trying to rearrange tickets without having to buy new ones. Please pray that the Lord would dispose the hearts of the ticket office Lufthansa and for Jeff's ticket as well.

The situation between Georgia and Russia really boils down to cold war sentiment on the part of Russia that has never gone away. Russia wants to dominate as a world power. They were weakened through the fall of the USSR, but have risen from the ashes. This is a time when our prayers are critical. This type of conflict is something that could bring about world involvement if it escalates very far. And we thought Iraq was messy. For more on this check out the following: http://blog.wired.com/defense/2008/08/georgia-latest.html

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