10 August 2009

Jaime Jorge, Zhitomar to Kiev, Ukraine

Sunday morning Jeff and Jaime had a wonderful reception at the Zhitomar Church. Even though the pastor said many were away on vacation, the church was packed and people were standing so they were thankful for such a good turnout. This is one church where they did a concert last year and the pastor insisted on their return.

Before the service Jaime said that he prayed asking the Lord what to say and what to play. Jaime felt that in the past he had been too passive in regard to asking people to come forward and commit their lives to the Lord. "So this time I asked people to come and four were saved," Jaime, said as we talked on the phone.
He also noticed men wiping tears and the pastor commented that there was much more sharing from the Word and that moved people. All glory to God.

Many were in church Sunday for the first time as a result of concert promotion and one Babushka (Grandmother) came up very excited and said she had experienced much of the same things as Jaime's mother and that she was very encouraged. It was her first time and she said she would attend again. Hallelujah!

Sunday evening was a Kiev church concert where they had been last year. Despite a strong appeal, no one came forward, though it was a large gathering. The pastor talked to several who were there for the first time and said they would return. One pianist said he was so encouraged to be faithful with his talents and to use them for God's honor and glory. Jaime has a really moving testimony about his talent as a musician so what he shares is great for other young musicians to be inspired. Please continue to pray for their nightly concerts.

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