13 August 2009

Jaime Jorge Tour

Tuesday night concert was in Kharkov where they had a full house exceeding capacity of 500 people represented by 8-10 churches. The sales of CD's went well and they were left with only 10 out of 70 at the end of the evening. Not that we want to focus on numbers like this, but it helps to pay Jaime's plane ticket to come over so we are happy.

Jeff and Jaime are staying in people's homes as they travel. Different from the western half of Ukraine, the eastern part is populated more widely with Russian people than the rest of the country. That seems to lend a bit of a different atmosphere that Jaime noticed. He says, "The Russians love music."

Wednesday night wasn't as full, but God blessed nonetheless and there was a very good response. Many young people came to talk after the concert. One young man who was an orphan had played violin and was impressed to pick it up and use his talent for god's honor and glory. His English was good and he said he doesn't usually talk much but he was excited.

Another man from a prison background had trouble talking, he prayed for salvation and to be faithful. Jaime said it seemed like he was burdened or struggling, yet seemed honest and heart felt in his desire to overcome a sin of alcoholism that he is struggling under. Let us pray for this man. Though we don't know his name, God does.

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