14 August 2009

Jorge in Mariopol, Ukraine

Last night Jeff and Jaime were in Mariupol which is a city way south on the Azov Sea which adjoins the Black Sea. This is also the furthest most south they will be and have now started back north.

The church was packed and they kept bringing out more chairs 'til there was no more room. Their choir sang in the choir loft and it was a lovely scene. There were many from the local music school and about 20% of the crowd was there for the first time. One family of 6 children all enrolled in the school said the teachers didn't want to go home. Some even brought their own violins. It is certain the Spirit was moving.

At the end of the concert, Jaime called for people to acknowledge Jesus as their Savior and accept Him into their hearts or to repent of sins. There were several that responded. An older lady, late 60's, came up and cried asking God's forgiveness. She had gone away from God and was done with wandering. Life brought her to the end of her rope and she wanted to come back the Father. Another older lady had always prayed the Lord would grant her the opportunity to hear a real true violinist. She was besides herself with joy and tears for her prayer had been granted.

Afterwards, the senior pastor invited Jeff and Jaime for a meal. There was another man present who was a pastor in Donetsk. He couldn't be at that concert when it was in his town, but his daughter was. She insisted he drive the long distance to hear Jaime in the next city. This man had been the best man at the wedding of this pastor 30 years prior so it was a good time of fellowship for all and he was glad he came.

This church is very old and will have it's 120th anniversary in 2012. They have asked Jaime to return and be a part of this celebration. Already God is working in various circumstances for Jaime to return to Ukraine. Honor and Glory to Him.

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