11 August 2009

Monday Night in Poltava, Ukraine

Last night Church of the New Birth had just finished a week long evangelism of all Poltava churches. They nonetheless, had a good crowd for a Monday night and a fairly full house. Jeff noticed that they were very emotional with tears and their reactions. Jeff sensed that people tuned in and listened with heart-felt pleasure. Jaime commented that "People here love music." My response was that maybe that is because they don't have as much access to good music being away from a large city.

Jeff and Jaime are both very pleased with the response. Though there were no professions of faith, there were many signs that Jaime's message was received on a deep heart level

Sales of CDs has been good. They have been staying in people's homes so Jaime is getting a real cultural experience. Continue to lift them up. They are in concert now as I write. Praise be to Him.


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