18 January 2010

Letter from Haiti

This is from a friend of mine in Haiti of whom I've been wondering, yet not heard from since the earthquake disaster. View it through a residents eyes. Pray for Shallale and all of Haiti. Keep in mind that English is her second language..........................................

Hello dear friends, Sorry it took that long to drop you a line. I am going through a really tough time in Haiti. Some of my family are okay, others are not. We finally were able to rescue my brother which building collapsed. He spent days under the debris but he was finally rescued. Since Tuesday I have been helping every where. I am just too scared to go home. I am just scared of the years to come, the month and the days. I am even scared of the next hour. I am scared of loosing faith. I can't even pray anymore. It is Sunday and we are still trying to rescue people that are seems to be alive. The smell of the deads is rising in the city. We are receiving help from everywhere but it is never enough. Some people are litteraly going insane. Everyone is wondering the streets like zombies. In few words hell broke loose. It might be another while before you hear from me. My house survived but for some unknow reason the atelier sank in water. Apparently the water tank cracks and it's close by the atelier so all the water went inside I just cannot understand how it happens because that tank of water is under ground and the atelier is upper ground. Well I am not going to try to understand any way. Good thing is that we could put all my mothers fabric to dry too bad we cannot do the same with paper.. My mother already started a quilt in memoriam of the fallen one. Maybe in the future I will try to to an album. I have been told it is therapeutic. My house is alright. Besides the atelier that is full of water and some broken glasses we are good. Nothing happen to our house. In fact there was no much damage at all in my neigborwood. Experts say that it's because we are located in the mountain and the house are built as they should. But after spending days dowtown in the center of the diasaster I find my self so lucky that I have been wandering since that day what make me luckier then others. But I prefer not to question God's acts. I will just keep helping others in needs as a thank you for being alive.I would have prefered to loose everything I owe if that could have saved few more lives. Well it will be a while before my fellow haitian dry their tears. Maybe in few month I will try to make an album with the pictures I have taken if it's possible. A good friend told me to keep posting on my blog because it will help me keep sane. Maybe it is true but I don't have the time to do so right now, nor the desire. I will not be longer cause I am in a free communication center and hey have limited the time so everyone can drop a line to their owns and i have to go back to my center. Please keep me and my fellow haitian in your parayers. Love you all Shallale Haiti

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