21 January 2010

Our Cupcake Queen

This is a not so uncommon a sight around our home. The interesting thing is how you can take almost anything and turn it into ministry. Leah is planning a party of girlfriends to teach them how to bake cupcakes. Some have asked and so now we have an event coming up. Leah is now pouring over her cupcake cook book to decide what to bake with them. We are grateful to two people who have contributed cupcake pans and cookbook to Leah and they are Betsy Sargent of Virginia Beach, Virginia and Cindy Williams of Conway, Arkansas. Thank you ladies for your love and support.


  1. you would think cupcakes would already be an item there .... they travel well ... perhaps the ovens, our apartment in Kiev had trouble hold the temp, high, then low ... you know how that story goes

  2. Yes, I know that story alright. Cupcakes just haven't been here, but there are a few starting to make them. Leah makes them all the time for youth events and friends. In Feb she is having a cupcake party to teach her girlfriends how to do them. The funny thing tho is why the blogger flipped my picture upside down when it loaded.


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