18 January 2010

Light in the Darkness of Haitian Destruction

With the tragedy in Haiti we must not forget that there is a God in heaven who pains along with all those there who are hurting both physically and mentally. He holds their hearts in his hand and it is through such trials that many of human kind are rallied to the help and support of those in devastation. Though there is no understanding of such great destruction, one day in heaven all will be revealed to those who have trusted in Him and placed their faith with the One who created all of the universe and our little planet as well. Therefore, let me offer this lovely picture of a flower from my garden last summer to remind us all that there is always hope even in the worst of tragedies and devastation. Shallale, many are praying for you and for Haiti and we lift you up before the throne of God that your heart will be healed in time and that you will be a great blessing to many as you minister there even in your pain. We love you.

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