04 January 2010

Vintage Ukraine

As we traveled west this past fall to visit missionaries we recorded some interesting aspects of Ukrainian culture. This old car is one that is not so rare here. It would be amazing to most Americans with our throw-away culture that here it is not unusual for someone to drive a car for 25 years or more. They simply keep repairing them and they take care of them in such a way that they plan on having them for a very long time. Of course, that does not mean we do not have all the late model and even many "fancy" brands. The new wealth for some Ukrainians has brought many Mercedes and SUV's as popular choices. The sad part of this new materialism in Ukraine is that hearts are not as open to the gospel as they once were. Like the American culture, Ukraine is getting more and more "distractions" to divide the heart from the family and from the Savior. Still, there is a great segment of the country that is poor and humble. No wonder Jesus sought the downtrodden and the destitute.

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