26 April 2009

Easter in Ukraine

The Adult choir was in full splendor for Easter. We had a rigorous schedule of practices but it paid off with some wonderful performances. Jeff and I took the plunge last fall and joined the choir. Singing in Russian and in Ukrainian can be quite a challenge at times. One of the Easter traditions here is that we do three days of Easter. That is Sunday, Monday and Tuesday so there are a lot of services. Jeff of course, along with the two other pastors do a good bit of preaching during this holiday season. Unlike America, our Easter, which was on the 19th (old Julian calendar), continues to be celebrated for weeks after the actual day so we are still hearing Easter sermons. I rather like the tradition here of drawing out the holidays. Like in America, this is a time when some folks come who do not attend any other time so it is a time in which we pray for the planting of the seed of God's Word. We are always grateful for those who come along side us in prayer.

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