21 April 2009

Nikolaevka, Crimea, Ukraine

This picture is some of the neighbors sitting in front of our home in Nikolaevka. We have witnessed to these folks for many years, but lost Ukrainians don't like to go to a Sunday service in someone's apartment or a small room in an unheated rented hall. This is too reminiscent of clandestine meetings during Communist times. Yet if this village had a church it would be a very different attitude among the people. They would have credibility. It breaks our hearts to see the many who are dying each year without Christ. Our next door neighbor Vanya passed away this year and it pains us because despite our witness, he never seemed to come to a saving faith. If you would like to help the small band of believers build their church, your donation, no matter how small, would buy them more bricks so they could continue using their own hands to build. Maybe you could just give up a Starbucks a week for a year. That would buy quite a few bricks. Please be in prayer with us for this need.
Designate your check: Jeff Franks-Nikolaevka Church
and send to:
Baptist Missionary Assn. of America (or BMAA)
P.O. Box 30910
Little Rock, Arkansas 72260

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