05 April 2009


Today was communion Sunday. That happens here on the first Sunday of every month and thus the service is always fuller than other Sundays. The youth choir sang and did such a beautiful job. Leah, our 22 year old daughter is in this group.

After showering this morning I discovered a deeply embedded tick below my right shoulder. Jeff and I rather tore him apart trying to get him out, but he just wouldn't budge. We decided to deal with it after church. Jeff, being concerned about Lyme's disease got up from services and called the doctor. They wanted us to come right in so our service was cut short. The doctor said that Lyme's disease is not a problem in Ukraine, but he had to cut the little bugger out with a knife and tweezers. He did give me a small shot to deaden the spot. So, a little excitement for the day. Since I was only in the garden the day before you can be sure I'm going to check myself better each night.

Jeff left for Vinnitsa after we returned home and will set up video equipment in the morning and introduce the seminar. That will start at 10 a.m. our time. Please be in prayer for this important event. Jeff asked me to pray for the attendees, that God would select the ones who need to be there. Pray also for the equipment that all would go well in the set up. I know God has a great purpose in bringing all this about and we are excited to see how he will use this seminar. Lives will be changed and heaven will rejoice.

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