12 April 2009

The pictures above show you what Ukrainian money looks like. This is called one hryvna and is the equivalent of about 12.5 cents. I had a very cultural experience involving this bill recently. My elderly neighbor, Shura, came over to get some Vinca from my flower bed for her grandson's yard. We both dug around 12 rose bushes pulling out the vinca 'til our backs ached. I try to witness to this neighbor as I can. I speak Russian, she speaks Ukrainian and somehow, by God's grace, we seem to communicate though I don't always understand everything she says. After filling her bucket she left for a few minutes and then returned to give me two hryvna for the bucket of vinca. I was surprised and refused saying she didn't have to buy the vinca, She was very insistant and said if I didn't take it the vinca wouldn't grow. So I compromised and took one bill instead of two. My 12 and a half cent sale for the day.

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