03 April 2009

Prison Ministry Beaurocracy

Today Jeff has gone to Kiev to do documents that allow him to go into the prisons of one oblast (state). On Monday Jeff, along with Pavel Pochopsky and some Ukrainian men will go into a prison in Central Ukraine to start an evangelical seminar called the "Institute in Basic Life Principles." Jeff is simply there to facilitate the beginning of this program. It will be run by Ukrainian pastors and missionaries as it should be.

This time last year Jeff took a delegation of high-ranking prison officials to America so they could see first hand the benefits of this program in reducing the rate of recidivism (return rate to prison). The whole process has been a lot of bureaucracy and required diligence for all those working to make this come about, but now the day is arriving for it to begin. Please be in prayer for this first seminar to start on Monday, April 7th. The far-reaching ramifications for Ukraine are truly a big step in God's Kingdom.

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