01 March 2010


I am writing this letter with a saddened heart as two of our dear ones in Christ have been imprisoned for their faith. I can not say names or from what country, but God knows their names, where they are and what they are suffering now. This is a husband and wife who have brought many from their country, many times to meet with Jeff (my husband) for training in the Word. The chances are without doubt that they could suffer torture and abuse at the hands of their captors so please lift them up before the throne of grace and ask the Lord for mercy on their lives. We must pray that they will not be detained long so they can continue the work the Lord has given them. They are in a place now where believers are being persecuted for their faith much as what happened in the former Soviet Union before it collapsed. Pray that this country will also loose the ties that bind people's freedoms, that believers might openly share their hearts of love and the path to salvation.

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  1. Coleen, This message has just reached me, it is being forwarded from others. This particular chain came from a national WMA officer passing on what she read in a newsletter, then it was emailed to me. We are so blessed in this country to have our freedom of worship, we too often take it for granted. We met when you were on deputation in Independence, KS. I think of you often. Hope Leah has outgrown her sugar problem. Lois Lewis, Wichita, KS (This is labeled anonymous, as I couldn't decide on profile info. nonna.lewis@yahoo.com


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