06 March 2010

Nightly Meetings - Armenia

Here's a report from Jeff in Armenia: We have had very good meetings with the brothers in every way, sensing God's presence. During the day I am studying the Word and in the evenings I go to their various meetings. Some until late in the night. God has been speaking to me in so many ways.

We had a wonderful meeting today. Aram is the name of the leader of this group. One of his members felt led to open his apartment for meetings.....nightly. Amazing how sometimes we in American churches complain about going to an "extra" mid-week service, yet they meet nightly, gathering in song and worship, simply for the joy of being altogether. God works in so many different ways in people. Some try to over organize and say church planting must be done "this way," but there is only God's way and it can vary considerably. This meeting was the real essence of Christianity, very down to earth, rubber-meets-the-road faith in action. It was just a time blessed by the Lord. I was privileged to give a word of encouragement to all. The time was so blessed by the Lord. Three people came to salvation after I preached. Its been a very gratifying time for me.

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  1. WOW is all I can say! That is wonderful and you Coleen and Jeff are truly inspiring.


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