25 March 2010

Life in Ukraine

We still have snow on the ground, but milder temperatures are melting some of it. This picture shows how some live here. Though the snow is leaving us, there is still plenty of heating weather left for a number of months yet (May/June). Some still heat with wood, and many, due to economic recession, have gone back to heating with wood. So much of the population here is without transportation beyond bicycles and walking. Thus explains the three men working together to bring their wood back home. Another unfortunate outcome of this situation is that more and more trees are being cut. Whereas many roadways were lined with trees, they are thinning considerably. All I can say is thank you Lord that I have a car and a warm house. Let me not take these things for granted.


  1. So true! I know I take so many things for granted...How blessed we are!

  2. I like the colors of your blog. I thought that picture was fake. Wow! That's crazy! - skylover

  3. Crazy as it might seem, such is life for many here. It makes me thankful for all I have. THANKS about the colors, relaxing to me.


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