01 March 2010

A Letter from the Church in Nikolaevka, Ukraine

Dear Ones,

We greet you, dear Jeff, brothers and sisters, with God’s love.

Thank you very much for your prayers and material help which you have
already given us. God will grant you many blessings.

It’s been already 13 years of our prayers about the House of Prayer,
as all this time we have been moving from one place to another without
our own place. Since 2000 we started our land acquisition and we got refusal time after time. The local authorities of the village said that we wouldn’t get the land here and they don’t need a church. We had to apply and fill in the forms
several times as the applications went around. That was the time of desperation and the testing of our faith. But God has been with us, because it’s His land
and it’s His church and he prepared this land for the church, although
we have come across many troubles. But the Lord has led us in a
wonderful way and today we already have 0, 25 hectares of land. We
got the land in the center of the village. This is somewhat of a
resort place at the sea coast; the land is very expensive. Who knew
that in 2009 there would be a law that could give the land to the
churches in permanent usage? This is the big testimony for us that the
Lord helps us. Our village is of resort type and in our plans we want
a place for Sunday school and on as a base for spiritual
rehabilitation health center for orphans, with whom we have been
cooperating for several years. And that will be the center for the
children from poor families which are on welfare as well. We help such

Now we have started the building of the House of Prayer (church) in
the village of Nikolaevka. There are 15,000 people living around here.
The village is growing very quickly, many houses are being built.
Moreover, in summer many people come to our church to worship. They
are tourists from different cities and different countries. In some
countries there are persecutions. And here people can come to worship
thanks to God and the religious freedom in our country. There have
been cases when people came to salvation and accepted Christ, then
going back to their homes. This is a big benediction because we can
talk about God in such way. There were many troubles for the beginning
of the construction and we didn’t have money but the strong hand of
God’s was with us. We started ourselves and each member of the church
took part in it. The project of the church is for 150 people. Today we
need some help, although we did much ourselves. If the God allows, we
ask you to take part in the building of the House of prayer. Please
read 2 Corinthians 9:8.

With love,

Brothers and Sisters of the Nikolaevka Church

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