12 March 2010

Sergey and Vica in Oleksandrivka

Jeff returned on Sunday from Armenia and we are grateful for the Lord's loving protection in bringing him home. Tomorrow he leaves again to go from our area of central Ukraine to western Ukraine. He will be visiting our BMA missionaries Sergey and Vica in the village of Oleksandrivka. They have a ministry to children that is spreading well beyond the borders of their village to surrounding towns and village. It is my privilege to be able to send them craft materials for this work that is lovingly supplied by the folks at First Baptist Church of Carthage, Texas. Please pray for Sergey and Vica's ministry and for Jeff's protection as he travels to and from there in what is still freezing winter weather. We are ever grateful for you who lift us up before the throne of grace that through your prayers we are enabled to serve with joy. Thank you for your love and kindnesses.


  1. My dear lady and fellow lover and follower of Christ, I am moved to tears and praying for this precious family and the other fellow; is he your husband as he sojourns to the mision field.., The picture of that dear family is so precious!

    [My husbands father, (who passed away 22 years ago, was from Poland.He was born near the Volve region in Poland bordering the Ukraine.

    My husband and I live in Canada, as did he for well over 40 years. My husband was born here and had a canadian mother; ( Who passed away this summer), she was Canadian, of Scottish and British decent. We currently run and own a bed and breakfast in Nova Scotia, Canada. @www.blueforest.ca

    His father's large family were all killed in world war two by the Germans; the Russians then captured him and put in a Siberian concentration camp at the age if 17, where he was also beaten for his belief in God..,

    ..,He was released by the Allies in world war two, then sent off to fight in the battle of Monte Casino in Italy; then on to Canada.]..,

    Thank you so much for following my blog!~ I am now following all three of your lovely blogs.

    Your blogs are all precious and beautiful, each in their own right; thank you for inviting me to follow you my dear lady!..,

    It is my pleasure!~

    Do visit again soon my dear!

    Cheers, blessings and hugs from Wanda Lee Of The Plumed Pen

  2. Hello once again; just a quick comment further..,It is interesting just as an aside, to see the time differential in the time zones.~ It is now 6:44PM here and the sun is still shining brightly with a beautiful blue sky!

    God bless!


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