06 July 2009

Basketball Team Does Kid's Camp

Every day this week the team is doing camp in the mornings. They came to play basketball, but God has his plan and it is marvelous. Today in camp Chris Vines did a lesson on widow's mite and Colby Williamson did a lesson on feeding the 5000. The children paid very close attention. Following that Brother Stan did a magic trick which was a gospel lesson. He took a coloring book and showed the kids that it was blank. He said our lives are like stories we can learn from. Then he flips the pages and they have all the lines of the coloring book. When we believe, then God colors the pages and the pages were all colored in when he flipped the last time. It was pretty amazing and kids were all wide-eyed in wonder. Alexe did a very good job translating. Alexe is the son of Michael, the pastor who is brother to our friend here in Bucha. Interesting, I'll have to tell her.

In the afternoon everyone rested in preparation for evening games. They plan to meet with three non-Christian teams and one church team. They will have an evangelism service at half time where testimonies will be given and Brother Stan will speak.

There is about 9 hours difference between Russia and Central Standard Time so start praying right away for this tournament and half time. May the Lord bless.

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