14 July 2009

Last Medical Mission Day in Gori

I just spoke to Jeff as they were pulling up to the airport at almost 1 a.m. their time. They will be in the airport until they leave. Registration opens at 2 and their flight goes at 4 a.m. That already made for a long tiring day and they have lots of travel ahead so please pray them all home.

Jeff said they had a great clinic day with 134 to make for a strong finish to this mission. Emotions ran high for several folks and one lady cried as she heard the gospel message. This team works very well together and everyone seemed to find their niche early on so that all ran quite cohesive and the Lord blessed in many ways.

After clinic closed today all gathered in Dr. Ralph's room for prayer, debriefing and fellowship when Georgian Pastor Beso came to see them. He shared about his church and his vision for the future and how he's reaching souls. For 8 months they have received refugees at their church soup kitchen, bringing them into the church to care for their needs. Many are now in the church which has grown 150% this year and Sunday school by 200%. Experiencing alot of growth has also meant alot of problems so this seems like something that would certainly benefit from prayer. May the Lord bless as they go through all these changes.

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