08 July 2009

Touring the Mountains - VSM Russia

Yesterday the team got to go to a place called Kieslievodsk. Brother Stan said it was rather like Hot Springs, Arkansas, but on a much more massive scale. A non-believing fellow has been traveling with them and is hearing a lot of evangelism. Pray for this young man.

Word is getting out that the American basketball team is in town and people are calling to set up games. Now they have a police team that has called to set one up. Keep praying for these opportunities. Bro. Stan has asked the young man I mentioned above to play with them in the next game. He getting a lot put into him and Stan feels he is very close to asking Christ into his life.

Today they dug a ditch (no ditch digging machines here) 100 feet long and 4 feet deep. It was very tough work in brick hard clay, but they are glad they did it because it shows that they were willing to go there and work and not just come to play. This is a very good witness for the Russian people because they think no one in America knows how to work. Everyone was tired, but happy.

When I spoke to Stan they were leaving to go do evangelism in the park. Pray for God's appointments and blessing.

Tomorrow morning they will do a four hour children's evangelism. In the afternoon they will play the game with the police team. Come evening is a worship service followed by a fellowship in honor of the team having come, and to say good bye to all. From there it's back to Moscow. So many great opportunities. Keep holding them up in fervent prayer before the throne of grace that mighty things may come of all this. God has his wonderful plan.

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