06 July 2009

Sunday Night Team Time

The Volunteer Student Missionaries (VSM)have "team time" each day where they all gather together to discuss the day or to plan. Last night the team once again expressed how amazed they were at the reverence in the Sunday church services, the sense of love and such a spirit of worship. This can't help but make one wonder if there is not some element missing in some of our services at home? They also were in awe by the way the church went out after services and did street evangelism with speakers, guitars and preaching. The rain came and poured harder and harder until they finally had to quit. The boys were so impressed with how the church shared Christ in the streets. Should we not ourselves be so brazen as to take our faith beyond the church walls? I know it certainly challenges me.

Jeff chuckled as he said the youth palates have been challenged (he's such a diplomat)by the differences in the food. Everything here is fresh and straight from the garden. "They eat a lot healthier than we do," said one of the boys.

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