05 July 2009

Volunteer Student Missionaries-Basketball Team

Our team was in a large, 500 member church for services today. Jeff said it was a very conservative church where the men and women sit separately from one another. I can tell you that it also means that the women wear scarves to cover their heads, no make-up and no jewelry. It is just a different culture which of course is good for our young missionary students to experience. Jeff said the team was very impressed with the wonderful sense of worship they felt in the service. Praise God for his working. Though he didn't say this, I know that Jeff translates for people all the time in this situation.

In the afternoon they all rested until evening services where Vines and Walker shared their testimonies. Afterwards they went with some of the church members and did street evangelism. Briggs, Rayborn and Findley shared their testimonies which Jeff said were very well received. There was singing and preaching on the street. And then it started to rain, yet people did not depart. They were hungry for the Word and wanted to hear more. Even people in surrounding apartments were leaning out their windows and listening. One man said how they have been in great need of rain for the earth is so very dry and they have prayed for it to come. He went on to say that our hearts and souls need the watering of Jesus Christ in the same way. Amen! Jeff's summary on the day in a word was "Fantastic." Keep praying for this team.

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