01 July 2009


No, I don't mean goats, though they may act like it at times. Kids are what the future is going to be. They are going to run this world in such a short time ahead. That makes their up bringing so important. I can't think of anything more critical than what we invest into their hearts and lives. Therefore, my hats off to all you children's and youth workers who sacrifice your time and dedicate your lives to leading Sunday school classes, camps and other kid/youth related activities. Our world needs you.

With that in mind, I would like to ask you to pray for the team of Americans coming to do camp here starting on the 13th of July. Dan and Cindy Williams of Antioch Baptist Church, Conway, Arkansas will bring a team to do a VBS style day camp in Bucha and then head for the river and woods where they will be camping for a week, participating in an English youth camp. I just thank the Lord for them and others who come to do camps with our kids.

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