27 June 2009

Volunteer Student Missionaries-Final Day

An all night train ride got the VSM team to Kiev for their day of touring before the next morning departure to America. That started the day with breakfast at McDonalds. After you've eaten camp food for 10 days McDees sounds good.

The team saw many interesting sites that showed some of the history of Ukraine including the Friendship Arch and the President's Palace. They lunched on pizza and rested before moving on to more sites. They went to the big souvenir market, got ice cream and rested some more, they were all tired.

Dinner was at McDonalds (their choosing) before they went to the airport hotel to check in for a very early next morning flight. We do this because we live a long ways from the airport and through city traffic to get there so we've learned this alternative is the best. There was a time of sharing at the hotel which was a very meaningful exchange and a time of prayer where all felt the Lord's presence. Jeff told everyone that he was very encouraged by their love for God, for one another and the Ukrainian children. It was a blessing to watch the way they worked to maintain unity through sharing, forgiveness and understanding.

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