20 June 2009


Last night in church services Jeff preached and Jamie told the church about Volunteer Student Missionaries. The team also sang and Jeff was impress with how well Jamie and the team did. I told them before leaving here they would have to sing and everyone was saying "no way."

Today the VSM team tours the Carpathian Mountains. They are not as tall as the Rockies, though tall enough to allow skiing, but just as beautiful with thick pine forests. The weather is rainy out west though it is shining bright where I am in the central part of the country. "I pray Lord that you protect them as they travel and give them a good experience of your glory." During morning devotional Jeff talked to the kids about the glory of God and how he is ever present regardless of the weather or circumstances. They are having daily morning devotionals with Brother Jeff.

By the time they get to camp next week they should all be fairly over their jet-lag and ready for some fun with the kids. This should prove to be a good experience for all.

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