21 June 2009

Weekend with the VSM Team

Jeff is having phone troubles so I couldn't get much from him and he couldn't send me pictures, but I will put them on here later whenever I get them. Email is pretty iffy, but Jeff can do a little through his phone.

Yesterday they toured the Carpathian Mountains and got to do some climbing and explore caves where bandits held up in the 1800's. They heard some very interesting history about the area. Pastor Roman and his whole sweet family jointed them later for a hot dog roast up in the mountains. Jeff said there was rain, but it didn't stop them. Praise the Lord, it sounds like they had a good time. I"m sure they took lots of pictures.

Sunday they will be in services and it will be an opportunity again for testimonies and singing. One of the team members said that they now understand that God never intended for their team to go to Russia (as was originally planned), but to come to Ukraine. May the Lord bless. Pray for camp which starts on Monday.

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