17 June 2009

Volunteer Student Missionaries (VSM)

Last night we had this group overnight (with the exception of the two van drivers, front right) in preparation for leaving today. As I write they are still on the road headed for western Ukraine which is about an 8 hour drive. They will be in various locations, at first doing service projects, then they will do a camp for kids. I was able to send a few craft projects out with them, but they came quite equipped themselves. Front row, L-R is Jeff Franks, BMA missionary to Ukraine (also my hubby), Leah, our 22 year old(yesterday) daughter, and our two drivers, Sergey and Tolik. Back row on the left is Jamie Morgan, BMA secretary to Jerry Kidd at the Missions Office and team leader. I'm sorry to say that with only one night I did not get down the names of all these kids, but the rest are what make up the team that traveled all this way to experience the Ukrainian mission field. Please be in prayer for them from now until they fly on on the 27th.

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